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 A Special Invitation

Brainspotting Breakthrough Experience

In-person in Sedona

April 5--11, 2024

This 7-day immersion was created with experienced Brainspotting like you in mind.

Come experience the beauty and serenity of Sedona Mago Retreat Center

as you experience breakthrough learning and healing.

Sedona Mago Retreat_edited.jpg

All those who are certified or in the process of certifiation are welcome!

Time & Location

Starts Apr 05, 2024 at 5:00 PM PDT and ends Apr 11, 2024 at 1:00 PM PDT

Sedona Mago Center for Well-being, 3500 Bill Gray Rd, Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Brainspotting Breakthrough

This unique 7-day event combines Joy's Quantum Breakthrough Experience with an integrated and expansive Phase 1 training.

Seasoned practitioners will have the chance to further deepen and integrate their understanding of Brainspotting and energic parts work.

I am super excited to have this opportunity to introduce you to the beauty and serenity of Sedona Mago Retreat Center. Plan to beat the traffic and arrive early on Friday, 4/5. You will check in and enjoy a group dinner and the opening group session. The first 3 days will be you and a small group of experienced Brainspotters diving deep with experientials, Sun-do Energy Movement, role plays and longer dyads

After you experience a personal breakthrough, you will be an integral part of our Training Team and help others experience breakthrough learning and healing.

21 CE's are possible.

Agenda and details can be found below in the TAB section You will receive helpful travel tips after registration.


2 Levels of Learning

April 5-7:   7-day Advanced group (Packages start at $2200

April 7-11  5-day Beginner group (Packages start at $2300)

BSP Consultant and others with experience assisting trainings may qualify for reduced rate for a shared double room.

Invite BSP colleagues and those not yet trained!

Consider sharing about tthis speical opportunity with friends and colleagues who can benefit 

You can also invite non-Brainspotting colleagues with confidence. (See testimonials below]

New Brainspotters join us 2 days later on APRIL 7-11 for a 5-day Phase 1experience.


Here's the information link for Phase 1 for Beginners:

All-Inclusive Packages for the extended 7-day group include:
2.5-day Quantum Breakthrough Experience, expansive BSP Phase One experience, 6-night stay, freshly prepared meals, daily Q-i-gong energy work, starlight meditation, and access to the healing garden, labyrinth, and miles of walking/running trails.

Click on the tabs to read more:



The September 2023 Phase One Training was a transformative experience for participants and my training team. We are excited to return to Sedona to offer what we believe to be an enhanced in-person Brainspotting training experience at the Sedona Mago Center for Well-being, a one-of-a-kind healing center just outside Sedona. This 7-day immersion was custom designed for fellow consultants and other Brainspotters who are ready to go deeper in their personal and professional growth.


During this combo Breakthrough + Integrative Phase One experience, we will first get creative with Expansion BSP and advanced setup frames to giv each participant the opportunity to break through and experience transformation. We will then have the opportunity add to the learning and growth as you experince a 5-day Phase 1 with new trainees. You will experience the benefits of Sundo Energy Flow as we apply the Water up Fire down wellness principles practiced by Korean masters and indigenous healers thousands of years ago.


This is a chance for all of us to unplug. No TV in the rooms and wifi and cell service is limited mostly to the Welcome Center and Chun-Hwa meeting hall areas. The goal of this time together is to nurture our mind, body, and spirit while experiencing/embodying how Brainspotting can help heal and expand those who are ready. Experienced practitioners repeating Phase One will get a chance to gain clarity as we deepen and broaden our experience with BSP theory and practice.

Click to Learn More


SPACE IS LIMITED. Payment plan is available if reserved early. Email to discuss.

A deposit of $1200 USD holds your spot at the Super Early Bird Rate thru 1/22/24.

Prices listed are for a shared double room. 

Booking an extra night for early arrival or late departure are an option and usually sell out quickly.

Your Trainer

Joy Myong is a License Professional Counselor with over 15 years of experience in mental health and addictions counseling. As a first generation Korean immigrant, she feels a special connection to the sacred land of Sedona Mago that helped her reconnect to her Asian roots. Joy is a Brainspotting Consultant and Trainer and co-developer of the BSP Embodied Learning Circles which helps accelerate the integration of Brainspotting for personal and professional development. She is dedicated to helping fellow healing facilitators break through to the core of who they are and founded Hana Wellness Studios with the goal of making training and support more accessible to practitiioners who have a desire to grow and strengthen the Brainspotting community.


We like to keep our trainings small and spots for the Breakthrough Experience are expected to fill quickly. Register with a $1200 deposit to reserve your spot and pay $1200 by Jan. 22.

Please email us with any questions. We look forward to our time together in Sedona in April! 

What 2023 Breakthrough Experience participants had to say:

"This was such a worthwhile experience that exceeded by expectations! I enjoyed this whole process of supporting and feeling supported by the group, the breakthroughs experienced while brainspotting, learning about some new practices, as well as the great demos. I look forward to attending more in the future. Joy was amazing and I appreciate having had this wonderful experience!"  -  Jennifer F. (Ontario, Canada)

"What an amazing retreat. It brought together and created a small connection of energies that supported our unique healing. I highly recommend, being able to come into a group of therapists/healers. Witness Joy as a BSP trainer, provide a secure space for those who participated in the experiential. The ability as therapist to be there for each other for two days with your own space to process individually, support others process and also process as a group. It is a self care gift to participate in this Breakthrough class. I will be at the next one!"  - Beverly F. (San Diego, CA)

"I found the breakthrough experientials magical and transformative, it took me from a place of darkness to extreme lightness and a sense of hope that I could feel deep with in my bones. I felt a great sense of connection with the entire group, and we formed a special bond. Joy is an amazing facilitator. She creates a wonderful supportive, safe, and compassionate space that fosters authentic breakthroughs."  - Nathaniel S. (Houston, TX)

Feedback from our Fall 2023 Sedona Phase 1 training:  [refer with confidence!]


“This was a powerful and healing training. It was more than learning Brainspotting though. The power came in the easy and natural group cohesion, the helpful facilitators, watching my cohort heal in their demonstrations, the fact the entire group was at the same place and same remote environment, and the disconnect from the outside world.”  - Katie V. (Wisconsin)


“I was so impressed with the quality of the instruction, both in terms of knowledge base and degree of empathy and compassion. On a personal level, I feel much better after the brain spotting experience.”   - Fred L. (Alaska)

“My experience at the Sedona Phase One training was very powerful and continues to unfold even a week after the training. I found the practicum work to be highly beneficial following the classroom learning. As a clinician I was able to practice the learned skills and as a client was able to get a felt understanding of the healing process. Participating in the demo was such a profound, impactful, deep experience. It was instantaneously healing and freeing. Joy’s attunement and compassionate/confident nature combined with a safe/supportive atmosphere was perfect for healing. I continue to feel so incredibly grateful for the opportunity! Additionally, the setting, Sedona Mago, was beyond words and added a dimension to this training that is almost indescribable… the best energy! The grounds invite inward exploration and connection. The food was not only delicious but nurturing as well. It was hard to leave!!”  - Heidi L. (Illinois)

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