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East meets West

Joy Myong
Consultant ~ Trainer ~ Wellness Advocate

Do you see yourself as gifted and amazing? I believe it is our human birthright to connect to the truth of who we are and to live out our full potential.

My life-long quest to understand the fundamentals of optimal health and healing led me to leave the corporate world for mental health training. I am a licensed professional counselor who takes a holistic approach to helping individuals experience positive change. I have learned the benefits of integrating the wisdom of ancient Eastern and Indigenous healing practices with what has proven to be most helpful from my clinical training in the U.S.


I am passionate about supporting the well-being of therapists both in and out of the Brainspotting (BSP) community. My commitment to supporting fellow practitioners currently involves working as a --

  - BSP Trainer and Consultant in the US and abroad

  - co-host of the BSP Embodied Learning Circles

  - consultant for couples co-regulating work (Imago, Parts work & BSP)

  - co-host of the Chicago and Beyond peer support group

  - co-host of the BSP Conference Review and Practice Group


Inspired by the resilient clients I met at Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center - a radically holistic outpatient clinic on the west side of Chicago - I founded Hana Wellness Studios in 2020 to help those who can most benefit from Brainspotting gain access to education and healing. Brain Body Revolution which focuses on offering inclusive BSP training experiences and professional support for healing practitioners is a natural extension of that original vision.


I really enjoy working with Expansion Brainspotting and Parts work to help those struggling with addiction, complex trauma, and chronic physical and emotional pain. Along with advanced training in Brainspotting, I also draw extensively from my training and experience as a Reiki master practitioner and teacher in the Mikao Isui tradition, Korean SunDo Energy Healing, EFT and Body Tapping, and Pilates Therapy to meet clients where they are.


If you're new to Brainspotting and you're a fellow healer, I hope you will consider attending an introductory Phase 1 training. And If you're here looking for personal counseling or coaching, I am happy to explore possibilities -with you. The work ahead is about letting go of limiting beliefs, gaining clarity, finding freedom, and a renewed sense of who and what you are.

If this sounds appealing, schedule a Discovery Call today!

"Humans know how to heal like birds know how to fly." 

Dr. David Grand, Founder of Brainspotting

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