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Brainspotting Phase Two

Our online Zoom Training meets 10:00 am - 6:30 pm Central Time (CST)

About the Event

As you know, Brainspotting radically changes the way we do therapy. Often there are underlying issues with trauma that no amount of talk therapy can help. Brainspotting as the Neuroexperiential Model has given us an awesome tool to help us and oiur clients resolve trauma.

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Course Description:

Brainspotting Phase Two builds on the foundational theory of Brainspotting and introduces students to five additional Brainspotting techniques to broaden the skills of the attendees in treating their more severely traumatized clients. Multiple techniques are taught for clients who have adaptively dissociated as a result of severe trauma. Practitioners will also learn advanced setup frames aimed at helping clients who feel overwhelmed in session quickly access ways for them to feel resourced. Attendees will review key principles and theories from Phase One in addition to learning important tools and techniques in working with Dissociation and the more severely traumatized needing higher levels of resourcing. These five new methods of Brainspotting allow the clinicians to find specific, resourced eye positions to keep their clients within their window of tolerance. The more advanced techniques will engender confidence in the attendees ability to handle more fragile and dissociative clients. 

About the Trainer

Joy Myong, LPC is a Certified Brainspotting Trainer who trained under founder David Grand and other veteran trainers. She has been a licensed therapist for over 15 years and has an integrated understanding of trauma, its effects, and the best modalities for healing.

"Joy’s skill and presence truly embodied the spirit of healing that we all aspire to. Her training was incredibly effective, as is her mastery of the art and science of Brainspotting. I feel truly grateful for having met her. I highly recommend Joy for whatever guidance is needed for personal and professional growth - her mastery can help guide us back home." 


- Douglas Cyr, MPA, MFT, FAAETS (Walnut Creek, CA)

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