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Reflections on returning home

Coming Soon - Actually, I think I'm doing it - this writing thing. Friends have been asking about my trip so I'll take a moment to capture some thoughts.

First 10 days of my 2023 trip to Korea consisted of unexpectedly sweet silence and stillness. The temperature was 1* C when I arrived at Incheon Aiport which is normally just an hour outside Seoul. My evening flight was ill-timed and it took family members 2-3 hours to make their way to get me and my heavy bags. The temperature steadily dropped throughout the Lunar New Year weekend which made it easy to stay in and be still. I was surprised at my lack of desire to sightsee or leave the cozy room my Oppa had thoughtfully prepared for me.

Meeting the Ancestors

Bowing, arranging, then bowing again. I got into a good rhythm as we paid our respects to each one of Oppa and my ancestors. Feeling the presence of strangely familiar spirits brought up bursts of emotions that I didn't quite know what to do with - except observe with curiosity and interest.

Not a bad beginning

I've always wondered about writing and this is an early attempt. I plan to be back tomorrow morning. Well, it's 6:30am. I've somehow managed to pull an all-nighter working on my new website so I guess I will see you again soon.

I hope you will join me as I go. I will see if I can post other pics from the trip.

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