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East meets West

Do you find yourself ready for a change?

Modern day living can feel like an overwhelming blur for us and many of our clients. If you've come seeking clarity and understanding, help is closer than you may think!  Consider that you are more amazing that you can imagine and that lasting joy and peace is not only your human birthright but quite attainable if you sincerely desire them.

I am a licensed professional counselor who is committed to helping individuals struggling with physical and emotional pain. I would love to help you integrate the benefits of what modern science reveals about the wisdom of Eastern traditional healing practices. It would be my honor to have this opportunity to explore the possibilities with you.

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Brainspotting Training

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Brainspotting - Phase One
Multiple Dates

Brainspotting - Phase Two

Multiple Dates

Quantum Breakthrough Experience

Multiple Dates

Join us in Sedona, Arizona


BSP Phase One Retreat

April 7-11, 2024

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Sedona Phase 2 Expansion

September 8-14, 2024


BSP Phase Two Retreat

September 10 -14, 2024



“This was a powerful and healing training. It was more than learning Brainspotting though. The power came in the easy and natural group cohesion, the helpful facilitators, watching my cohort heal in their demonstrations, the fact the entire group was at the same place and same remote environment, and the disconnect from the outside world.”  - Katie V. (Wisconsin)


“I was so impressed with the quality of the instruction, both in terms of knowledge base and degree of empathy and compassion. On a personal level, I feel much better after the brain spotting experience.”   - Fred L. (Alaska)

“My experience at the Sedona Phase One training was very powerful and continues to unfold even a week after the training. I found the practicum work to be highly beneficial following the classroom learning. As a clinician I was able to practice the learned skills and as a client was able to get a felt understanding of the healing process. Participating in the demo was such a profound, impactful, deep experience. It was instantaneously healing and freeing. Joy’s attunement and compassionate/ confident nature combined with a safe/supportive atmosphere was perfect for healing. I continue to feel so incredibly grateful for the opportunity! Additionally, the setting, Sedona Mago, was beyond words and added a dimension to this training that is almost indescribable… the best energy! The grounds invite inward exploration and connection. The food was not only delicious but nurturing as well. It was hard to leave!!”  - Heidi L. (Illinois)

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