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** EDIT ** 2025 Sedona Brainspotting Phase One

~ East meets West ~

Dream Dates "April 23-27, 2025"

The Brainspotting 3-day Training is enhanced with 5 days of healthy food and movement for a unique healing experience.

Space is limited. A Deposit of $1200 USD reserves your spot.

Invite a colleague to learn and grow with you!


Extended 5-day introduction to Brainspotting

My training team and I are excited to offer this unique in-person Brainspotting experience at Sedona Mago Center for Well-being, a one-of-a-kind healing center near Sedona, Arizona. You will learn to embody basic Brainspotting theory in a diverse and inclusive group setting. The training portion offers practicums and hands on support to help you put what you learn to immediate use.

Participants will witness and facilitate personal and group healing using 4 different Brainspotting setup frames. You will also experience Sundo Energy Flow Yoga, starlight meditation, and freshly prepared pescatarian/vegetarian meals to nourish your physical, spiritual and energy bodies. Sedona Mago is a tranquil oasis where you will have access to the healing garden, meditation labyrinth and miles of walking trails on over 600 acres of sacred land in the heart of the red rock Arizona wilderness.


This is a chance for all of us to unplug. No TV’s in the rooms and wifi and cell service is limited mostly to the Welcome Center and Chun Hwa meeting hall areas. The goal of this time together is to nurture our mind, body, and spirit while embodying how Brainspotting can help heal and expand those who are ready. You will meet other like-minded healing professionals who will be a support in your process.

Experienced practitioners repeating Phase One will gain clarity as we deepen and broaden our experience with the neuroexperiential aspect of Brainspotting. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to boost your confidence and learn to attune with ease. 

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BSP Training Overview:


BSP TRAINING OVERVIEW  Brainspotting Therapy™ (BSP) is a therapeutic process that uses specific points in the client’s visual field to access unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain. BSP uses relevant eye positions, somatic awareness, focused mindfulness and the therapist’s attunement to process and release the stored traumas which underlie a wide range of emotional and physical problems. This brain-body-based treatment is an open and integrative model. BSP can be adapted to many different areas of specialization and integrated with other treatment models. In this introductory Brainspotting: Phase1 training, participants will learn four basic BSP techniques. In addition, participants will receive an overview of the:

  • standards of care and professional practice for brainspotting practitioners,

  • research that supports the primary assumptions of brainspotting; and

  • challenges of research and evidence-based treatment for conditions such as Complex PTSD

All Inclusive

Registration includes the Brainspotting training, shared accommodations, all meals, bonus activities

Packages start at $2300 USD - See rate breakdown by clicking on the above COST tab.

April 7, 2024, 5:00 PM (Pacific Time) to April 11, 2024, 1 PM (Pacific Time)

Sedona Mago Center for Well-being is located at 3500 Bill Gray Rd, Sedona, Arizona

Your Trainer

Joy Myong is a License Professional Counselor with over 15 years of experience in mental health and addictions counseling. As a first generation Korean immigrant, she feels honored to be hosting this integrated Brainspotting training on sacred land that helped her reconnect to her Asian roots. Joy is a Brainspotting Consultant and Trainer and Co-developer of the BSP Embodied Learning Circles which helps trained practitioners feel confident and more attuned as they integrate Brainspotting in their practice. She is committed to helping fellow healing facilitators discover their essential self and live out their highest potential. Hana Wellness Studios was born of this vision to provide "breakthrough transformation" for folks who are ready to experience radical healing.

We'd love for you to join us for this unique in-person learning and healing opportunity. Our trainings are small and this April Phase One is expected to sell out. If you have any questions, please email us. We look forward to our time together in-person in April! 


“This was a powerful and healing training. It was more than learning Brainspotting though. The power came in the easy and natural group cohesion, the helpful facilitators, watching my cohort heal in their demonstrations, the fact the entire group was at the same place and same remote environment, and the disconnect from the outside world.”  - Katie V. (Wisconsin)


“I was so impressed with the quality of the instruction, both in terms of knowledge base and degree of empathy and compassion. On a personal level, I feel much better after the brain spotting experience.”   - Fred L. (Alaska)

“My experience at the Sedona Phase One training was very powerful and continues to unfold even a week after the training. I found the practicum work to be highly beneficial following the classroom learning. As a clinician I was able to practice the learned skills and as a client was able to get a felt understanding of the healing process. Participating in the demo was such a profound, impactful, deep experience. It was instantaneously healing and freeing. Joy’s attunement and compassionate/confident nature combined with a safe/supportive atmosphere was perfect for healing. I continue to feel so incredibly grateful for the opportunity! Additionally, the setting, Sedona Mago, was beyond words and added a dimension to this training that is almost indescribable… the best energy! The grounds invite inward exploration and connection. The food was not only delicious but nurturing as well. It was hard to leave!!”  - Heidi L. (Illinois)


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