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Transform      Your       Practice

Want to be more effective as a practitioner and help clients get better results?

  1. Brainspotting (BSP) does more than help individuals process trauma. This modality can help struggling individuals tap into the truth of who they are, heal from old wounds, and gain clarity in unexpected ways.

  2. If you're curious, you're invited to join us for Connecting with BSP an interactive 90-minute peer support group or a 3-day Phase One Training to learn how to naturally integrate Brainspotting into your current practice.

  3. Schedule a Private Session to learn how to access your own healing and growth. You can personally experience how Brainspotting accesses the deeper regulation-focused areas of the brain. You can also schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call to see if we're a good fit.

Already trained in BSP? Ready to take your confidence

and attunement to another level?

  1. Inquire about BSP Certification or Individual or Group Consultations sessions.

  2. BSP Embodied Learning Circles provide an inclusive supportive learning environment for both new and experienced Brainspotting Practitioners. BSP Consultants and CIT's (consultants-in-training) are welcome to teach and learn with us!

Great news!

Joy's Group Consults are open to all who trained with her.

  1. Submit your email below with the message "Interested in group consults" to receive updates.

  2. These 60 - 90 minute groups are free to those who qualify and require advance registration

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